(Update: 24 april 2001)

About me and my homepage

Hi, I'm Peter! I was born in 1951 and I'm working and living with my family in Braunschweig (Brunswik), a town with about a quarter million of inhabitants in the state of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) in northern Germany. Braunschweig is about 60 kilometers east of Hannover and 220 kilometers west of Berlin. My hobbies- when my spare time allows - are:
- Amateurradio - my call is DK4BF
- motorcycling with MZ ETZ250SW, a two stroke engine with sidecar
- and of course computing with Sir Clive's masterpiece: SINCLAIR ZX81
I've started this ZX-TEAM-homepage in december 1996. Since then it has grown more and more. At the moment (may 2001) I have about 50 visits per day. And I have got a lot of very friendly emails from my visitors. Thank you all for your interest. This encourages me to improve this site regulary.

Best viewed with ZX-browser 32*24

Unfortunately, this has not been realised until today. But who knows, may be one day we will have ZXML-pages here ;-))

Please do not expect a multimedia-show on this site.

Please excuse my bad english. In the last 30 years after leaving school, I did'nt have too much chances to practise it. If you find something very faulty, feel free to send a correction.