The following text is written by Martin van der Zwan a Dutch ZX-TEAM member. I received it by email from ZX81 mailing-list.

The ZX81 information letter

This information letter is written by Martin van der Zwan at FTN address 2:285/751.6 .

Hello everyone and welcome to this ZX81 information letter. First of all I greet all newcomers who just connected to this ZX81 mailinglist and wish you a happy stay with all of us ZX81 enthusiasts.

Jack Raats the initiator and moderator of this list asked me to make some kind of reference list to which each one here can refer, to get questions answered and find general information about the ZX81 and the emulators so this is kind of a ZX81 faq list even though there are not many questions asked here yet :-) This list will be posted on a regular basis and I would therefore be very grateful if readers here could mail me if any information in this list is not correct and needs changing or if you have and new information to add to this list, my email address is: martin@jarasoft.xs4all.nl or you can also write comments here.

Q So what is this ZX81 Mailinglist all about?

A This list was initiated and established by jack Raats with the idea in mind that ZX81 users all over the world could have a forum to which they can be connected with all other ZX81 lovers all over the world. This way users can stay in touch and can be assured that when they ask a question or write about a new development they just made will be send to all those connected, many ZX81 hard/software experts are connected to this list.

Q But I don't have a ZX81?

A There are ZX81 emulators for different platforms and there are also ZX81's being sold and hardware for it and sometimes someone sells a ZX81 in the newsgroup comp.sys.sinclair, for example there is the homepage by Zebra who sells ZX81's as computer kit's:
And you can also buy ZX81 hardware at:
RMG Enterprices 14784 S Quail Grove Cir
Oregon City OR 97045
503 655-7484 (10Am-7Pm Tue-Sat)
Fax 503 655-4116

Q Is there a good ZX81 emulator for the PC?

A Yes a very good one, it's called Xtender, you can get the latest version at: ftp://ftp.nvg.unit.no/pub/sinclair/utils/pc/xtndr116.zip

Q Is this emulator still supported and can I register it?

A It sure is, currently it is at version 1.56 but not available yet, it is in testing phase and needs to be further developed and being made user friendly, for registration of Xtender 1.16 read xtender.txt inside package.

Q But I have a Atari?

A The are many ZX81 emulators for different computers and operating systems check out: ftp.nvg.unit.no/pub/sinclair or these WWW sites from which you can also download ZX81 emulators:

Q Are there any ZX81 programs on the Internet?

A Yes many, they are on ftp sites but can also be downloaded from webpages:
Q Are there any ZX81 email magazines?

A yes there is my ZX81 magazine at:

Q I have a original ZX81, can I still use those snaps from pub sinclair?

A Congratulations, yes you can, Wilf Rigter (also connected to this list) has written a very simple and effective (no hardware needed, just a wire) PC to ZX81 transfer program that load's snap's into you're ZX81.
This program can be found on:

Q Are there any ZX81 Homepages?

A Yes many, for example try these: