(Update: 22 february 2002)

Since summer 1991 ZX-TEAM publishes the ZX-TEAM-MAGAZIN, a paper magazine in format A5.
Each issues has about 28 pages, filled with news, hard- and software projects for our favorite Personal Computer the SINCLAIR ZX81, and sometimes for ZX80, Jupiter Ace or for the ZX81-clones like POWER3000 or LAMBDA.
In 1991 we have published three issues, in all following years six issues yearly.
Issue 6/2003 has been our 75th issue!
If you want to support our work, please send a mail with your ZX-related doings, projects, or whatever you think may be usefull to: peter @ zx81.de
The deadline for articles, advertisements is the last weekend of the month january, march, may, july, september and november. About four weeks after that date a new magazine comes by snail mail to all subscribers. Because ZX-TEAM is a german ZX81 users group, most of the articles are written in german language.

Old issues of ZX-TEAM-MAGAZIN are no longer available, but for ZX-TEAM-members only (that's the same as subscriber), Kai has scanned each single page and burned it onto CD-ROM.