updated 28-april-2001

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HS-1 and Z-99

High speed interface HS-1 In sync-magazine march/april 1984 page 81 I have found this small advertisement about "High speed interface HS-1". Does anyone know more about it????

The interface connects a TS1000 with 2k-RAM in slow-mode with another ZX81, TS1000 or TS1500 which may run in FAST-mode. The first TS1000 works as display-computer.

The HS1 was sold as a kit for US$78 or soldered for US$ 98, the cable for $19.
The features: (as promised in the ad)
- Fast mode operation with continuous display
- 5.5 times faster than 1 computer in slow mode(flight simulation responds like a jet!)
- silkscreened soldermasked pc board (with ic sockets)
- instructions and software (< 1K) included
The company was: Interface design, P.O.Box 151, Rexford, NY 12148

Do you have an idea how the two busses are connected?
TS1000(slow) must read the display file from ZX/TS (fast).

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Who knows "Z-99" ?

"Z-99" has been advertised as BASIC-compiler by Kopak creations and they have promised that it will compile 99% of SINCALIR BASIC. Do you have the tape, instructions or experience with Z-99?
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