is one of - or even THE - very last active SINCLAIR ZX81 user groups in the world. ZX-TEAM was founded in Summer 1991 by Joachim Merkl, from Fürth in Germany. Since this time ZX-TEAM is still growing. At the end of 1997 we had about 70 members. Most of them are german, but we do have some members in the Netherlands, Austria and even in the USA. Because we are a german group most articles in our ZX-TEAM-MAGAZIN are written in german language.

is published bimonthly. (february, april, june, august, october and december)
It is printed in A5-format and each issue almost contains 28 pages filled with club-news, new hardware and software projects. Several humorous articles show, how much we are "dead serious" with our activities for the black doorstopper. Everybody (not only ZX-TEAM members) may write articles about his/her doings with and about ZX81 and clones. Unclassified advertisements are free for you all. We will print everything without any changes, as long as it will revolve about ZX81 and will not be abuse or insult.

How to become a ZX-TEAM-member
How to subscribe ZX-TEAM-MAGAZIN

That is completly the same thing. If you want to become a ZX-TEAM member, you will have to pay a yearly subscription of 15 Euros or 15 US$. For your saftey, please send banknotes in a registered letter! Foreign members pay as much as we germans do. The magazine will not be sent by air-mail for this price!
Membership always starts in january and ends in december. You will receive six issues of ZX-TEAM-MAGAZIN. If you do not want to continue your membership, there is no period of notice. Just stop paying your subscription for the next year.
If you join us during the year, you will receive all back-issues of that year.

Please do not forget, you will have to understand a little bit german language, to read our magazine.
If you want to get a specimen copy, please send 3 US$ in banknotes.
ZX-TEAM-MAGAZIN list of contents:

For all who do not understand the german language, I have created this ZX-TEAM-homepage. I hope, I will get support by my ZX-TEAM-friends to translate some more of our projects.

Kai Fischer, who developed LCD-IF, Harddisk-IF and a lot more fabulous hardware extensions for ZX81 has created his own ZX81-Homepage