updated 08 july 1999


Here you will find the contents of MEMOTECH MEMOPAK booklets for add-ons for your ZX81.
If you do not want to read the booklets online:
here's the complete collection as memotech.zip (74.6 KB)
But my collection is not complete.
Please help me finding:

- 16K "Baseline" RAM-pack
- DIGITIZER, has it really been sold??

It would be very helpfull to get a copy of the missing booklets.
Please send an email, if you want to help me.
Thank you in advance.
Thanks to Chris Jansen who could help me with the keyboard instructions and to Rod Humphreys who send me the MEMOTEXT-instructions.
Also thanks to René Bruneau, who sent the Z80 Assembler module with instructions!! ;-))

"yours sinclairly"