ZX81 abc...

informations in brief and in alphabetical order

under construction!! only headwords at the moment!!!
Here you will find only informations in brief outlines. Please look in the FAQ for more detailed informations.
a assembler aszmic-rom Amstrad amateurradio
b basic -compiler -extentions -rom
c cbi compiler cpu clones color-module clock-doubler
d disassembler listing
e emulator
f forth forth-rom floppy-disk
h husband-forth hrg hard-disk handbook
i interrupt
j Jupiter Ace
l lcd-screen lambda
m modulator modem mk14 memotech memory magazines
p pal pascal Power3000 printer paper-mags
q QL
r roms ram rom-listing
s Sir Clive slc Spectrum
t tree-forth-rom timex tape
u uhf ula user-groups
v vhf video
w windows: look at ZX80-Handbook page 103: this was the first machine which used a window!
x xtender
y y2k: No year2000 problem with our zeddy, he is a real timeless machine!
z z80-cpu zilog ZX80 ZX81 ZX96 ZX97 Z88