ZX81 mailing list attachments

I have zipped everything, even the GIFs and JPGs, so you can download whatever you want and look at it offline.
Sorted in chronological order
fistname of sender - file name- date of sending - filesize, if more than 20k bytes long
einar tkpak001.zip 16-dec96 21k
martin reverse.zip 15-feb-97
wilf newrom.zip 06-may-97
wilf pz97.zip 23-may-97
wilf zx81roma.zip 05-april 98 25k
martin survivor.p 29-apr-98
wilf hrwilf.p 16-jun-98
wilf wrx16v1.xt2 18-jun98
wilf hrdemo3.p" 18-jun-98
wilf bmp2p.p 21-jun-98
steven research.p 13-jul-98
steven hi-z.p 13-jul-98
martin udgset.zip 20-jul-98
martin filecopy.zip 20-jul-98
wilf vfile4.p 29-jul-98
eib10 mazogs disassembly 21-aug-98 32k
wilf life and goodlife 24/26-aug-98
wilf newrom 27-aug-98
stephen adam.jpg 02-sep-98 30k
wilf ds1287.txt 06-sep-98
wilf ftb86_2.asm 08-sep-98
wilf THE ZX-ATKEY CIRCUIT 09-sep-98
dicky rdlcd.zip 11-oct-98
w.john romlcd.s app note hd44780 f_lcd_hd44789.htm f_lcd_progr.htm 12-oct-98 69k
paul and wilf ping,poing,poing1,pong.p sep/nov-98
w.john zx81_16k.gif 14-nov-98 30k
stephen zenith.gif 30-nov-98 55k
wilf joy1234.zip 03-dec-98 59k
stephen cp-zx_v3.jpg 10-dec-98 97k
wilf zxtape.bas 11-dec-98
stephen tv_ch_bw.jpg 11-dec-98
stephen ts2040 12-dec-98 500k
stephen uzx81.zip 14-dec-98 350k
roger zxtape2.zip 16-dec-98 27k
stephen grant_s.gif 19-dec-98 27k
roger zxtape21.zip 20-dec-98 29k
martin save1500.zip 20-dec-98
roger zxtape22.zip 20-dec-98 32k
steven zx81conv.zip 31-dec-98 102k
roger zxtape3.zip 01-jan-99 52k

Please email if something is wrong or you are missing anything.

yours "sinclairly" Peter