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23rd international ZX-TEAM-Meeting

29th until 31st March 2019

in Mahlerts/Rhön near the town Fulda. Registrations are already possible ZX81-Forum (D) or via mail.

Webcam-Service at 22nd international ZX-TEAM-MeetingFor all of you, who will not be able to attend:
From Friday 9th of march in the evening until Sunday 11th in the early morning. Questions? email: Bild "ZX-TEAM:peteratzx81dotde.gif"

22. international ZX-TEAM-MeetingBild "ZX-TEAM:zx8081.jpg"

9th until 11th of March 2018 in Mahlerts/Rhön

ZX-TEAM will held the 22. international meeting for SINCLAIR-computer users in the heart of germany. It will take place in the little village Mahlerts, which is part of Hofbieber, about 30km east of the town Fulda.

RenovationDear friends of SINCLAIR ZX80 and ZX81, I'm renovating ZX-TEAM-homepage.

You will find the old pages here. They are several years out of date.

Please use the forums at Sinclair ZX-World until I will have finished.